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NC(NGPDA) FC Prairie Wind's Fast Forward "Bert"

NC(NGPDA) FC Prairie Wind's Fast Forward "Bert"

Sire: NFC Alpenblick's Cody
Dam: Prairie Wind's Comeuppance


Bert is possibly the biggest running all age bitch on the national circuit. She has exceptional ground speed, extreme range, and prefers to go with the handler, but can outrun her ears from time to time. She is compact and powerfully built. She is a threat every time she runs. Her get are showing outstanding promise.


Owned and bred by Keith & Bobbie Richardson.

Trained by Ronnie Sale.

Major Placements


  • 5-2011 Four Lakes GSPC - Bert wins 4 pt retreiving major. New Field Champion!

  • 2011 NGSPA Hungarian Partridge OSD Champion (22 Starters)

  • 2012 NGSPA Runner-Up National Championship - Eureka KS

  • 2014 NGSPA Sharptail OAA Runner-Up - Montana

  • 2014 NGSPA Region 8 OAA Champion - Wyoming

  • 2015 NGSPA Region 9 OAA Runner-Up

  • 2016 NGSPA Sharptail Championship. 0AA Runner-Up 21 dogs.

  • 2017 NGPDA National Championship. National Champion(0AA ). 21 dogs.

Health Clearances


  • OFA (Hips) - Excellent

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