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Sire: No-Mars Mack Vom Hauss MH 

Dam: Prairie Wind’s Pennies from Heaven

"This is our beautiful Dottie Chukar hunting on Saturday. She is the most loving dog with us and our grandchildren, and then goes out and hunts like crazy! She is amazing! She has no quit in her!"


Dam x Sire

I live in Utah and love to hunt chukar.  My good friend has had two Prairie Wind dogs and I have never hunted behind dogs with so much drive, determination, and ability to find birds.  This is “ Utah’s making Moves” on a covey of chukar when she was 8 month old.  She runs big and always seems to find birds, I have her entered in an American field trial this month and an AKC trial in March I am really excited to see how she does.  Keith and Bobbi have been so great to work with I am a huge fan of Prairie Wind Kennels and will definitely get my next puppy from them.  


"Ardenvoir's Flew The Coop "Cooper" is living the rough life. Tarri and I just wanted to thank Bobbi and yourself for breeding such amazing dogs, and to also thank you both for letting us take home such a well mannered and hard charging little bird dog".


Sire: NFC NGDC GFC FC AFC Slicks Cuttin Wild

Dam: FC Prairie Wind Fast Forward

“Prairie Winds Sweet Repeat” aka Benelli is always on point. This little bird dog never falters from the job she has to do, has a “no quit” drive and at the same time is the best family dog with our toddler. We love her to the moon and back, and her name “Sweet Repeat” says it all. 

Thank you Bobbi and Keith for such an amazing bird dog! Can’t wait to get another Prairie Wind pup!


I’m sure you know how special your dogs are. I’m also sure that there are much more prestigious and meaningful evidence of this from your clients than from a novice with a damaged leg.
So even though I’m a novice and Wyatt has only seen six birds since he left your home (2x3 birds each at Black Hills NAVHDA Training Days), he found nine pheasants on his first day of hunting. He retrieved all six that were shot to me.
His genetics are amazing. Yes, I work on retrieves, it’s all I know how to do. He pointed like the offspring of National he is.
Thank you again. (After three hours I had to hold him back in the photo or he would have pounced in those two dead birds!)


At 9&1/2 months, 38#’s she’s a rip. Fast, agile & loving. In the evenings she lays either with Sandy or me in our chairs. Doesn't whine unless she wants to go out. Has slept all night since day one and goes most places with me. She travels without a peep. Will stand in the door and point humming birds, doves and what ever has wings. She backs the two others as well. She has a great noise and in the field never stops hunting and comes when called. She is a great looking dog and we constantly get comments about her looks.

Field Trial Central interview with
Professional Handler/Trainer Rich Robertson
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