Indian Brook Heads Up (Enzi) was bred to frozen semen from Prairie Wind’s Zipp and Lock (Zip).

The first breeding was April 29 and the second breeding was May 1. Enzi had only two puppies on July 2. The small size of the litter was a disappointment to us. The timing of the breeding was misjudged for a number of reasons, and we believe she was bred too late. Both puppies are beautiful and healthy, but they are taken.


Prairie Wind’s Out on a Limb (Libbie) was bred to frozen semen from Prairie Wind’s Zackly Right (Zack)



Libbie came into season and we bred her to Zack’s frozen semen on July 1 and 2. This should be a really nice litter. Zack was a futurity winner and a Field Champion. He was dual sire of the year and has produced outstanding puppies. The due date of the litter will be September 2-3 and we will have an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy in 30 days. Most of the Enzi buyers have rolled their deposit over to the Libbie litter.



Prairie Wind’s BDK’s PWK Dot on the Horizon (Dot) was bred to Prairie Wind Bert’s Jokes On Us (Bart).

Dot is an outstanding dog and we missed her breedings a number of times because her seasons are not dependable and come and go quickly. Dot holds many titles such has Field Champion, GCH, and National AA Champion. Bart has been one of the top All-Age Invitational competitors. The two litters he has sired have produced outstanding puppies. We believe we got it right this time and bred her to Bart on July 2 and 3. The due date of the litter will be September 3-4 and we will have an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy in 30 days. The buyers on her list have been patiently waiting for over 18 months for a puppy.




We have a large demand for our puppies and request a $100 deposit against a purchase price of $1,000, which based upon date received will determine the buyer’s place in line. Our puppies are very consistent and always are highly acclaimed by their new owners, so that one’s place in line does not indicate a reduction in “quality” as you near the end of the list. They will all be fantastic “family” members. Deposits are refundable if the buyer is unable to receive a puppy.


As noted above we have a number of deposits for the Dot and Libbie litters. If you are approved and choose to send in a deposit your best choice would be to roll your deposit over to whichever breeding works out. We want to be clear that-we have a lot of buyers in line at the time of this update (July 6, 2021). Availability is strictly based upon the date deposits are received. Availability will depend totally on how many puppies are born. Both females will have to whelp fairly large litters for puppies to be available. Please be aware of this as you consider whether or not to send us a deposit. Anyone sending in a deposit and not getting a puppy will have two options: ask for a refund, or roll your deposit over to the next litter which will not be until 2022.



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