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R-U NC, GFC, FC Prairie Wind BDK Dot On The Horizon "Dot"

FC Prairie Wind BDK Dot On The Horizon "Dot"

Sire: FC Prairie Wind's Zackley Right
Dam: NSDC FC BDK’s Outback Cutter


Owned and bred by Keith & Bobbi Richardson.

Trained by Rich Robertson, Jr. We are indebted to Keith Gulledge who trained her for about four years.

Dot really started coming on in 2017 with an amazing run at the NGSPA National Amateur Championship that many thought should have won the stake. She followed this run three weeks later with her first NGSPA Championship at the "Great Plains". Dot started out as a consistently big running shooting dog. She spent the summer of 2018 in the chukar country of Idaho with Rich, and she expanded into a remarkable All-Age dog. The first Championship at summer’s close was the NGSPA Sharptail and she was named the All-Age Champion. She earned R-U at Region 9 which secured her invitation to the 2019 All-Age Invitational. Dot keeps an eye on her handler and always flows to the extreme edge of the course with a fast gait and a desire to “stay front”. She handles kindly and is a "bird finder". She points with intensity and class, and is extremely patient. Her manner is friendly and upbeat.

Major Placements


  • 2014 NGSPA Great Plains Derby Classic - 2nd place - 6 starters

  • 2016 Ringneck GSPC, 3rd place. 20 dogs

  • 2016 Central Sectional Classic. GLOGD 2nd place. 20 dogs.

  • 2017 NGSPA Great Plains Ch., OSD Champion. 37 dogs

  • 2017 North Central Sectional Classic (AKC). OLAA 3rd Place. 8 dogs.

  • 2017 Open Shooting Dog Invitational Attendee 

  • 2018 Sharptail Championship. OAA Champion. 22 dogs.

  • 2019 NGSPA Quail Championship 3rd place Open All-Age. 21 dogs.

  • 2019 NGSPA Region 9. 2nd Place Open All-Age. 21 dogs.

  • 2019 Sharptail Championship. OAA Champion.  18 dogs.

  • 2019 Pheasant Championship. OAA Runner Up. 14 dogs.

  • 2019 Open All Age Invitational Attendee

  • 2020 Hungarian Partridge Champaionship. AAA Champion. 18 dogs.

  • 2020 Pheasant Championship. OAA Champion. 15 dogs. 

  • 2020 Open All Age Invitational Attendee

  • 2021 NGSPA Nationals OAA R-U NC 33 dogs. 

  • 2021 Region 9. OAA Champion. 17 dogs.

  • 2021 Chukar Championship. OAA Runner Up. 14 dogs. 

  • 2021 Open All Age Invitational Attendee

Health Clearances


  • OFA (hips) - Excellent

  • Lupoid Dermatosis DNA test: CLEAR | Test Results

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