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FC P W Indian Brook Heads Up "Enzi"

P W Indian Brook Heads Up "Enzi"


Sire: No-Mars Mack Vom Hauss MH
Dam: Prairie Wind’s Pennies from Heaven

Owned and bred by Keith & Bobbi Richardson

Trained by Rich Robertson, Jr.


Enzi was a prodigy with a perfect NA/NAVHDA score at four months. She is a solid shooting dog, runs with a strong, ground covering gait, and always runs to the front. She is very biddable, has a remarkable nose, and is extremely honest and patient on point. She is a powerfully built dog with "hour power". Easy to train, and goes with the handler. She ran her first broke stake in Fall 2017. Spring, 2019 she was named the NGSPA Region 9 OSD Champion. We expect more wins in her bright future.

Major Placements


  • GSPC of Idaho–1st Place Open Derby. 4 dogs.

  • 2019 Region 9. OSD Champion. 18 dogs.

  • 2019 Sharptail Championship OSD Champion. 24 dogs.

  • 2020 Open Shooting Dog Invitational Attendee 

  • 2021 Chukar Championship OSD Champion. 19 dogs. 

  • 2021 Hungarian Partridge Amateur Shooting Dog. Champion. 31 dogs. 

  • 2021 Hungarian Partridge OSD Runner-Up. 37 dogs.

  • 2021 Pheasant Championship Amateur Shooting Dog. Champion. 39 dogs. 

  • 2022 Region 9 Championship Open Shooting Dog. Champion. 20 dogs. 

  • 2022 Open Shooting Dog Invitational Attendee

  • 2022 Amateur Shooting Dog Invitational Attendee 

  • 2023 NGSPA Nationals Open Shooting Dog Runner-Up. 44 dogs.

Health Clearances


  • OFA (Hips) - Excellent

  • OFA (elbows) - Normal 

  • OFA (eyes) - Normal 

  • OFA (cardiology) - Normal/Clear

  • Cone degeneration DNA test - Normal, no mutation

  • OFA CHIC Certified - CHIC Certificate 

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