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VC Prairie Wind's Razor's Edge MH "Mickey"

VC Prairie Wind's Razor's Edge MH "Mickey"


Sire: Prairie Wind's Back To Zack
Dam: Prairie Wind's Comeuppance


Mickey is a very stylish, talented and handsome male. His accomplishments prove he is an extremely trainable shooting dog with high intelligence, outstanding nose, intensity on point, desire and proven versatility in land and water. We chose to take him through NAVHDA before field trialing him. At three years Mickey earned a Master Hunter (MH), and a NAVHDA UT (Utility Dog) Prize 1. At four he became a VC (Versatile Champion), earning a perfect 204 score. VC is the highest NAVHDA title. We believe he was the first NAVHDA VC to place in horse-back AKC field trials. He is definitely the first VC to place in a NGSPA Championship.


Owned and bred by Keith & Bobbi Richardson. NAVHDA VC Trained and handled by Tom Swezey. NGSPA trained by Ronnie Sale.

Major Placements


  • 8/24/2014 NAVHDA NA Prize I (Perfect score 204). Trained & handled by Tom Swezey.

  • 2015 NAVHDA VC, Versatile Champion, Perfect 200 score.

  • 2016 Gateway GSPC - 2nd Place OGD (26 starters)

  • 2017 NGSPA NWRM Chukar Ch. ASD Runner-Up. 14 dogs.

  • 2017 GSPC Idaho (AKC). OGD 2nd Place. 19 dogs.

Health Clearances


  • OFA (hips) - Good

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