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FC AFC Prairie Wind's Eat Mya Dust "Mya"

FC AFC Prairie Wind's Eat Mya Dust "Mya"


Sire: Sport's See That Spekk
Dam: FC Prairie Wind's Just A Flirt

Mya is now retired, but she is actively on the circuit through her progeny. She was an exceptional dog, who missed a number of National Championships bids due to being lost on point. She has a phenomenal nose and was a wide ranging shooting dog, finding off-course birds and standing them for over 30 minutes until found with a tracker. She has always had a high tail and intensity that catches the eye. We are proud that she won the NGSPA SHOOTING DOG INVITATIONAL the first year it was held, prevailing over the top 11 dogs in the country. She handled 28 birds with perfect manners over three days running one hour each day. Only two dogs were called back and she prevailed due to her perfect bird work over three days, her consistent run, and her strong finish.

Owned and bred by Keith & Bobbie Richardson

Trained by Eldon Hongo and Dennis Brath.

Dennis handled at her Invitational win.

Major Placements


  • 2009 NGSPA Open Shooting Dog Champion (21 Starters)

  • 2010 GSPC of CO - 3rd Place - OLGD

  • 2010 GSPC of Colorado - Winner - OGD

  • 2010 NGSPA Region 8 ASD Champion (Dual Sanctioned)

  • 2011 NGSPA Great Plains OSD Runner-Up

  • 2011 NGSPA Region 9 OSD Runner-up

  • 2011 NGSPA Region 8 ASD Champion (20 starters)

  • 2012 Region 9 ASD Runner-Up (Dual Sanctioned) - New AFC

  • 2012 NGSPA Hun ASD Runner-up

  • 2012 NGSPA Region 8 OSD Champion

  • 2013 NGSPA Region 9 OSD Champion

  • 2014 NGSPA Rocky Mountain OSD Runner-Up

  • 2012 NGSPA (Inaugural) Open Shooting Dog Invitational Champion

  • 2012 NGSPA Open Shooting Dog of the Year

  • Field Champion

  • Dam of OAA Invitational Champion (Airee)

Health Clearances


  • OFA (Hips) - Good

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