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FC P W Evolution's Recreation "Spike"

P W Evolution's Recreation "Spike"


Sire: FC AFC NC Evolution's Primo Creation
Dam: Prairie Wind's Derailed  
(19 year old frozen semen)

Rayle's sire: FC NC: Alpenblick's Cody
Rayle's Dam: FC AFC Billy Dee's Blue's In A "Blues"

(Same breeding as Spikes sire, later litter.)

Owned and bred by Keith & Bobbi Richardson

Trained by Rich Robertson, Jr.


Spike is a special boy. We used some frozen semen on a dog owned and bred by Cathy Black also called Spike. Cathy loved to tell the story that John Merrell once told her that Spike was the best dog he had ever run. He did a ton of winning but was campaigned in the days when John was not hitting the big circuit, and Spike was never run in hour Championships. Cathy passed in 2015 and we resolved to use Spike’s frozen semen on a special bitch some day. That turned out to be Rayle. The puppies produced were remarkable and we had to keep the one that was a "spitting image" of his dad, and we call him "Spike". He is already showing tremendous potential. As a puppy he runs like a mature shooting dog, taking to the hills in search of chukar and completing his lines. He points with incredible style and intensity, holding point until bird is flushed. Spike has a great future. He placed second in three NGSPA Open Derbies.

Major Placements


  • 2017 NGSPA Region 9. 0D 3rd Place.

  • 2017 NGSPA NWRM Chukar Ch. OD 2nd Place. 6 dogs.

  • 2017 GSPC Idaho (AKC). OD 2nd Place. 4 dogs.

  • 2017 GSPC Idaho (AKC). OAA 2nd Place. 10 dogs.

  • 2019 Region 9 OAA 3rd Place. 21 dogs.

  • 2019 Hungarian Championship. OSD 2nd Place. 22 dogs.

  • 2020 Hungarian Partridge Championship OSD Champion 40 dogs.

  • 2021 Hungarian Partridge Championship OSD Champion. 37 dogs. 

  • 2021 Open Shooting Dog Invitational Attendee  

  • 2021 Open Shooting Dog Invitational Champion. 36 dogs. 

  • 2021 NGSPA Open Shooting Dog Dog Of The Year. 

  • 2022 Region 8 Championship OSD Champion. 27 dogs.

  • 2022 Open Shooting Dog Invitational Attendee

Health Clearances


  • OFA (hips) - Excellent

  • Lupoid Dermatosis DNA test: CLEAR | Test Results

  • OFA (eyes) - Normal 

  • OFA (cardiology) - Normal/Clear

  • OFA (elbows) - Normal 

  • Cone degeneration DNA test - Normal, no mutation

  • OFA CHIC Certified - CHIC Certificate 

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